Peri-Peri on everything! A modern-day classic that’s easy to make-all it takes is a little shake with our ready-to-sprinkle African Peri Peri seasoning! Read on for a quick take:

Step1: Take 2-3 large potatoes or Sweet Potatoes(healthier option), rinse well in water and peel the skin.
Step2: Slice the potatoes in sticks and dunk them in 4 cups of cold water for 30-40 mins.
Step3: Rinse the sticks in running water and drain and pat all the extra water. Using a napkin, pat and completely dry the sticks.
Step4: Heat the oil in a pan, keeping the flame to medium
Step5: Add Sticks to the Oil. Increase the flame to medium-high and fry till they are golden crispy.
Step6: Place the fries on a paper tissue to remove the extra oil.
Step7: Sprinkle immediately with Carpe Victus’s African Piri Piri Mix
Step8: Toss the fries & serve with a dip and some finely chopped lettuce/coleslaw

Pro Fitness Tip from Captain Carpe: Replace frying with baking at 180 Degrees for 30 mins, after bruising each stick with olive oil/light mustard oil.
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