How to make ‘healthy’ food tasty | Add Seasonings to your Healthy Recipes | A guide to clean eating by Carpe Victus

You are what you eat, this has been proved to be true. If you often think about what food you put in your body-you’re someone who can identify yourself as a conscious food eater. You understand the value of clean eating for your daily nutrition. It makes others look up to you in a positive way. Your choices matter, and even inspire others. 

But alas, we know that food that is healthy for us often doesn’t taste that good. Think about Bottle-Guards (Lauki) or the unanimously disliked ‘Tinda’ (Indian Round Gourd) and you’ll know what we mean. 😛  

If only there was a way to make healthy food more flavourful! Then eating those healthy but not-so-tasty foods would become so much easier on your taste buds! It would make you have more of that good food, that does good for you.  

Beyond this, if you’re watching your weight or blood pressure levels, you know that you have to be careful about how much fat or salt to add to your food. Ugh, too much to consider?  

Relax, Take a deep breath! Smell those fresh aromas-Captain Carpe has arrived aboard his elite CarpeVictus Ship, carrying spices from around the world to help save you from those boring or mundane meal/snacking times!  

Carpe Victus has curated a selection of spices & herbs to season your food with:  

Spices come from the bark, buds, fruit, roots, seeds or stems of various plants or trees. That’s basically every part of the plant aside from the leaf. As for herbs, they are the leaf itself.  

Our Recommended List:  

Peri-peri : Add it to roasted Makhana’s for a healthy, snacky meal.  

Taco seasoning : Mexican on your mind? Add Taco to it! 

Chipotle: Still thinking of Burritos? Hack the true essence of the flavour. 

Cajun: Got fire in your soul and your cooking? Add some Carpe Victus Cajun to your recipe.   

Italian: Pizza, anyone? Or maybe some herbed pasta. An all-time favourite! 

Now, let’s get into how herb seasonings can help you add taste to your food.  

An herb comes from the leafy parts of plants that do not have woody stems. They can be fresh or dried. Dried herbs have a stronger flavour than fresh but lose their strength with time.  

Our Recommended Herb Seasonings List 

Marjoram: The Ancient Greeks added this Sweeter Oregano Cousin to their food to help protect them from illnesses! 

Basil: Tulsi, in its purest ready-to-use form. Body Science fact–did you know that eating a Basil leaf raw can harm the enamel of your teeth? Add the good properties of Basil to your food with Carpe Victus’s Herb Seasonings. 

Connect with our team of Spice Experts to learn more about how you can stock your kitchen masala rack. Order our fresh spices & seasonings to your doorstep here

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