How to eat healthy in 2022 with Carpe Victus Flavourings

Clean Eating isn’t just a trend that’s exploding as we usher in 2022.

The new year presents itself as an opportunity to get better in every way- and where better to start than right from your kitchen itself!

If having a salad or something ‘healthy’ isn’t quite your thing- worry not!

While we all know that eating healthy can only do our body good- the majority of us succumb to the temptation of junk food cause ‘its tasty’

But what if, there was a better way.

After all, you are what you eat. And if you eat right, you feel light, to do better in all aspects of your life!

At Carpe Victus, we pride ourselves on sourcing for you the finest ingredients available all across the world.

That’s right, we import the best, to give you access to flavours that embody a particular region’s local taste.

All these fresh ingredients are packed in our bottles of no-preservative seasonings, spices or herbs.

The best part? The taste of these exclusively sourced ingredients come from various parts of the world ranging from Africa, Europe, Asia, USA or even the Middle East.

Our top 3 clean eating recipes with our seasonings or flavourings:

  1. Add our super-popular ‘African Peri Peri’ to a boiled sweet potato 🥔, to have a quick guilt free snack.
  2. Add Carpe Victus Indian flavourful favourites like ‘Tandoori Masala’ to oven roasted brocolli, tomatoes or tofu for a wholesome, healthy meal.
  3. Add our Carpe Victus ‘Cajun Mix’ to a creamy or clear soup for that extra zing to your healthy concoction of brocolli.

Want to know more about what you can do with our 20+ flavourings? Stay tuned to our Instagram page for our ‘Carpelicious’ recipes.

Customize your own basket of flavourings or gift it to your loved one: WhatsApp 📞+91 81046 59368.

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